Breast reduction

Breast reduction in Turkey

Breast reduction realized in Turkey is a plastic intervention that consists of lightening a chest that is too heavy with an excess of mammary gland associated or not with an excess of fat.
This operation allows the patient to get rid of all the pains related to the exaggerated volume of her breasts and thus feel more comfortable.

Who is concerned by breast reduction ?

The women concerned by breast reduction are all those who suffer from the exaggerated volume of their breasts and the most common causes are as follow :

  • Back pain : they suffer from back pain or pain in the neck or shoulders caused by the weight of the breasts.
  • Difficulty in dressing especially in finding underwear that fits and does not compress the breasts – and cause discomfort in certain daily activities.
  • Aesthetic complexes : even in young women, large breasts can sag and cause major complexes and although it remains firm, it is not always easy to assume a large chest.

    For young women, it is important to wait until the end of breast development, around 18 years old before undergoing a breast reduction.

    In the case the woman gave birth, it is recommended to wait 6 to 12 months after the delivery or following breastfeeding if it has taken place before performing this procedure in order to give the young mother time to return to her ideal weight.

    Moreover, the patient must be in good health and for this, a preoperative consultation is necessary so as to examine her breast, if she is suffering from breast sagging, the quality of her skin, the medications she is taking, if she is suffering from certain diseases...

    A mammography as well as blood analysis must be performed before the intervention.

    The price of breast reduction in Turkey is very interesting and affordable, you will take advantage of a high quality medical stay and be operated on by the best plastic surgeons and thus obtain harmonious breasts.

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Breast reduction : How is it performed ?


Breast reduction surgery is always performed under general anaesthesia and lasts between 2 and 3 hours depending on the technique used by the surgeon and the case of each patient.

It is realized through three surgical techniques :

There are three main surgical techniques of breast reduction, used according to the volume of breasts :

If it is small and not associated with a ptosis : a simple incision around the areola will be sufficient.

If it is medium, with a slight ptosis, two incisions are made: one around the areola and another one vertical between the nipple and the lower part of the breast.

If it is large and associated with a significant ptosis, three incisions are necessary: one peri-areolar, one vertical and one under the breast hidden in the sub-breast fold.

The scar is in the shape of an inverted T.

Breast reduction Turkey : Aftercare and recovery

After the breast reduction realized in Turkey, the surgeon will prescribe you painkillers to alleviate the postoperative pain which is minimal.

The dressing is removed the day after the operation. A light dressing will be applied and you will have to wear a support bra without underwire day and night for about 1 month to maintain the breasts.

Bruises and swelling can appear which is normal and they will fade with time.

The convalescence period is about one to two weeks depending on the profession of the patient and resuming sports is not recommended until the healing is complete, about up to one month after the operation and with the consent of your surgeon.

If sensitivity problems at the areola level may occur, they are normal and transitory. They will fade over the weeks.


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Breast reduction Turkey results

The results of breast reduction performed in Turkey are excellent, they are visible after the operation, but are definitive after about 6 months, the patient will obtain harmonious and firm breasts which will allow her to regain self confidence, feel more comfortable and have a wider choice of clothing which will improve her quality of life (personal and social).

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