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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation in Turkey

Thanks to breast augmentation in Turkey, every woman suffering from breast hypotrophy can have large and firm breasts. It is a cosmetic surgery with breast prostheses that allows to enlarge the size of the cleavage in harmony with the rest of the body.
Breast augmentation surgery with implants is often associated with a breast lift if the patient also suffers from ptosis (sagging breasts).

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Breast augmentation with silicone implants : For whom ?

This aesthetic surgery of the breasts is ideal for the woman :

  • Who wants to increase the volume of her hypotrophic breasts, achieve a fuller, a more visible cleavage and harmonize the curves of her body.
  • Who would like to obtain a fuller and a more visible breast which can be achieved by opting for a round prosthesis.
  • Who wants a slight increase in the position of the areola, obtained in some cases with a technique called dual plane.
  • Who has volume asymmetry, that is a difference in size between the two breasts.

Breast augmentation with implants : How is it performed ?


It is known as an additive breast augmentation, this surgical procedure consists of the insertion of silicone prostheses which will be chosen during the preoperative consultation with the plastic surgeon and the anaesthesiologist.

As with breast lipofilling, the surgery lasts about 1 hour and requires one night of hospitalization. The anaesthesia is always general.

The procedure begins with an incision at or just below the inframammary fold, that means at the level of the lower fold of the breast. The incisions can also be positioned at the peri-areolar, upper or lower or in the axillary fold.

The most efficient incision often used in Turkey is the inframammary incision which allows a clearer and a more precise vision of the pectoral muscle. After the incision, the surgeon prepares a pocket in front of or before the pectoral muscle. The best position will be under the muscle because it will allow a better fixation of the implants and a natural aspect to the touch.

The prosthesis is then inserted either manually or through a special bag called a keller funnel, similar to a pocket bag which limits the contact between the prosthesis and the skin and thus reduces bacterial contamination.

The procedure ends with the suturing of the inframammary incision. The chest will then be covered with a pressure dressing.

Breast augmentation in Turkey : The postoperative phases

After breast augmentation in Turkey, it is recommended to have a rest for the first 3 to 5 days and not to perform any activity that may cause a peak of hypertension and bleeding. During the first two or three weeks, it is important to wear a compression support and not to perform any movements that may contract the large pectoral muscle in order to avoid pain or rotation of the prosthesis.

It is recommended to sleep in a prone position and with pillows on the sides of the chest to avoid early trauma at night.

In general, breast augmentation in Turkey is not painful especially if the prosthesis is inserted under the gland without touching the muscle.

Of course, this is a surgical procedure that inevitably causes slight pain and discomfort during the first few days.

In case of severe pain and a feeling of tension especially on the operated side as well as an increase in the volume of a single breast, the patient should contact the surgeon.


Breast augmentation with implants in Turkey : The result

The result is visible at the end of the procedure, but you must wait at least 3 months to have the final appearance and volume of the chest.

Breast augmentation in Turkey is a very successful intervention, it allows the woman to obtain voluminous breasts. However, breast implants must be removed or changed before at least 10 years.

Breast augmentation with implants Turkey : The cost

The price breast augmentation Turkey is advantageous, you can ask for a free online quote to obtain breast augmentation Turkey cost, it is also possible to contact one of our counselors by phone, she will be pleased to give you all the information about this aesthetic surgery.

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