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Breast implants replacement

Breast implants replacement Turkey

Breast implants replacement is performed in Turkey by the best breast plastic surgeons. Indeed, breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures in the world of cosmetic surgery. Although modern prostheses have a very long lifespan, the prostheses put in place 15-20 years ago did not have the technology and the durability of today's prostheses.
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Breast implants replacement : For whom ?

Breast implants replacement in Turkey is indicated for the patients who have :

  • an implant for more than 15 years.
  • one or both of the implants that are broken.
  • a lowering of the breast prosthesis after several years.
  • the desire to change the size or the shape of the breast implant.
  • the breast implants that have been rotated.
  • a severe capsular contracture of the breast implant.
  • a chronic breast implant infection.
  • A complication in the position of the breast implant that causes a deformation of the breast area.

Breast implants replacement : How is it performed ?


Breast implants replacement in Turkey is performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure lasts 1 to 5 hours depending on the reason for the replacement of the implants and on the condition of the breasts.

The hospitalization conditions also differ according to the reason for the implants replacement.

Breast implants replacement surgery : what does it consist of ?

Breast augmentation revision surgery depends entirely on the problem identified in the patient during the preoperative examinations. In general, they consist of the following surgical solutions :


The capsulectomy is the complete removal of the capsule that forms around the breast implants.

This capsule can be so hard and tight that it deforms the prosthesis causing hemithorax asymmetries. The objective of capsulectomy is to obtain a fibrosis-free plane where the prosthesis can be placed later.

Changing the plane of the prosthesis

If the implant has been placed under the mammary gland, it is almost always recommended to place the new prosthesis under the muscle where it may be in contact with a tissue that has never had fibrosis or possibly bacterial contamination.

Breast lift

In some cases especially when the volume of the breast prosthesis is considerable, it becomes necessary to resort to mastopexy. This allows the skin to regain its elasticity and its firmness and to bring the areola/nipple complex back into a position that conforms the patient's measurements.

The narrowing of the breast pocket

In many cases, the weight of the prosthesis leads to a deformation and to an enlargement of the tissues of the pectoral region, not only cutaneous but also muscular. In this case, a breast lift is necessary because the pocket that previously housed the prosthesis would be too large to accommodate the new one. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the size of the pocket with a deep suture that narrows the space where the new implant will be inserted.

Breast implant replacement

A prosthesis that is removed from the breast must always be replaced by a new one. However, the size of the prosthesis can be changed and the patient can take a larger or a smaller one.


Breast implants replacement in Turkey : The postoperative phases

The recovery after breast implants replacement in Turkey is different depending on the type of the necessary procedure to correct the initial deformity.

Usually, the drains are placed because the risk of bleeding is higher than in the primary breast augmentation.

The stitches, if present are removed after 10 to 14 days.

The patient must wear a special bra for the first 3 weeks and will not be able to do any exercises involving a possible malrotation of the prosthesis for 3 months.

Breast implants replacement in Turkey : the result

The final result of breast implants replacement in Turkey is visible after about a month. The patient obtains beautiful breasts with new generation prostheses that are much more durable.

The duration of the procedure, the healing time, the postoperative recovery time and the result may vary from one patient to another.

Breast implants replacement in Turkey : Its cost

The price breast implants replacement Turkey is affordable with Aram Clinic Turkey, so ask for a free quote to obtain breast implants replacement cost Turkey.

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