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Breast Prostheses

The types of Breast Prostheses in Turkey : Composition, texture and volume

The breast prostheses, commonly implanted for aesthetic or reconstructive reasons are medical devices. Since they are intended to enter the body and remain there for a long time, they are subject to a careful control. Aram Clinic collaborates with the best laboratories that make breast prostheses and that pay special attention to evaluate the design, the quality and the production.
We will discover the different types of breast prostheses chosen by Aram Clinic's partner surgeons for your breast augmentation.

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Breast implants : Safety and durability

The creation of national registries for breast implants and the international scientific collaboration have improved patient safety over time.

Although the majority of manufacturers certify the quality of production with a guarantee of structural integrity, they do not guarantee its unlimited durability.


Manufacturing companies suggest replacing breast implants every 10 years, as even the highest quality breast implants have a wear and tear rupture rate of approximately 8% after that time.

If the annual ultrasound examination, in the case completed by MRI, certifies the integrity of the prostheses, they can be kept in place for more than 10 years.

Breast Implants Types and Compositions

Regardless of their size and shape, breast implants consist of a silicone envelope that contains silicone gel or other substances (saline, hydrogel).

Prostheses containing silicone gel

Thanks to more than forty years of clinical experience, they are the most widely used and their results are better known both in terms of aesthetic results and possible complications or adverse effects.

The silicone gel contained in the prosthesis may have a more or less soft consistency.

The latest generation prostheses, in any case, contain a "cohesive" gel, quite consistent. This represents an element of greater security.

In case of rupture of the prosthesis envelope, the gel does not spread outside.

After the insertion of the prosthesis, the consistency of the breast depends on the following factors :

  • the consistency of the silicone gel
  • the amount and the consistency of the patient's breast tissue : in patients with thin skin and weak breast tissue, the presence of the prosthesis may be felt on palpation.

Prostheses containing saline (water and salt)

They have the disadvantage of having a less natural consistency than prostheses containing silicone gel, of causing, in some cases, a noise due to the movements of the liquid they contain and of tending to lose liquid and therefore volume over time

Prostheses containing hydrogel (water and special sugars)

They are less used and in some cases, they have shown volume changes over time.

The texture of the breast implants

All the breast implants have a silicone elastomer shell. The types of breast prostheses envelopes are classified as follows :

  • Smooth breast implants. These are prostheses with a slightly rough, almost smooth surface. They have the advantage of being able to reduce the length of the skin incisions necessary for their introduction and to obtain a softer and more natural consistency.
  • Textured prostheses with a barely rough surface.

The size and the shape of the breast implant

Concerning the size, the choice depends on the patient's preferences only to a limited extent. In fact, the thoracic dimensions and the harmonious balance must be respected : a large prosthesis is not suitable for a thin chest of a small and thin woman.

Regarding the shape, there are two types of breast implants :

  • the round prostheses, always with a circular base - which generally fill the upper pole of the breast
  • the "anatomical" prostheses called "drop-shaped", with a more natural shape.

Each type of prosthesis, with the same height and width of its support base can have a variable projection (a profile) so as to give the new breasts a more or less accentuated frontal projection.

In short, the choice of the most appropriate prosthesis depends mainly on the size of the breast and on the woman's chest and only to a certain extent on her preferences. Hence the importance of choosing a surgeon who is experienced in breast augmentation.

Aram Clinic allows you to be operated on by the best breast plastic surgeons in Turkey. They have the experience and the knowledge to advise you and help you choose the best type of breast prosthesis.


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