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Breast lift in Turkey

Many women suffer from sagging breasts because of many factors (weight variations, aging, hormonal problems, pregnancies...).

So, breast lift realized in Turkey is the best solution to treat sagging breasts, it allows to lift them and to obtain firm, projected and natural breasts.

The principle of this intervention is to remove the excess skin, to concentrate the glandular volume of the breasts and to place the areola and the nipple in the right position.

Breast lift in Turkey : All you need to know

Breast lift price in Turkey

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Breast lift in Turkey : Its indications

Breast lift in Turkey is for women who suffer from sagging breasts or whose areola is too low, this can affect them psychologically and have side effects on their daily lives.

It is for women in a good health and who do not present contraindications to this surgery.

The objective of the procedure is to reposition the breast, remove excess skin and lift the areola, for a result in harmony with the patient's morphology.

The breasts will look younger and more beautiful.

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Breast lift Turkey : How is it performed ?


First of all, you must meet the plastic surgeon who will examine your breasts : their volume, the degree of breast drop, the quality of the skin of the breasts, distended or toned, with or without stretch marks, the condition of the nipples as well as your overall health to check if you can undergo this operation or not.

You will also be able to ask him questions and explain him your expectations and desires and the breasts you want to obtain after the surgery.

It is important to notice that your case may require the insertion of breast implants if the surgeon recommends it to you.

A mammography and blood analysis must be performed before the operation.

The most important instructions are as follow :

Strictly stop smoking before the procedure to reduce the risk of skin necrosis.

Stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs or oral anticoagulants in the 15 days preceding the operation to reduce the risk of bleeding and this with the agreement of your doctor or cardiologist.

The breast lift is always performed under general anaesthesia and lasts between 1h30 and 3 hours, it depends on the case of each patient.

You must not eat or drink anything since midnight (including water and tobacco).

The used technique varies depending on the patient, the indication and the needs.

-Moderate breast ptosis / Peri-areolar technique : This surgical breast lift technique aims at lifting the nipple and minimizing scarring by limiting it to the areola only. This procedure is ideal for women whose breasts have very slight sagging and a correction of only 1 to 2 cm.

-Medium breast ptosis / Vertical technique : This procedure consists of reshaping and lifting the entire breast. It is a more complete procedure than a peri-areolar lift and is indicated for women who need a correction of more than 2 cm.

-Important ptosis / Inverted T technique : This technique is the most recent and advanced of a breast lift and is mainly used for major breast ptosis. In this approach, 3 incisions are made: at the level of the breast fold, around the areola and a last one that joins vertically the first 2 incisions.

Breast lift Turkey : aftercare and recovery

Following your breast lift in Turkey, your surgeon will prescibe you painkillers in order to reduce the pain.

The breast bandage is removed the day after the operation. A light dressing will be applied and you will have to wear the bra without underwire day and night for about a month.

There is no thread to remove, the sutures are completely absorbable.

The first shower is allowed the day after the removal of the drains.

In a classic and usual way and during the first weeks or months after your breast lift:

Edema (swelling):This swelling varies in size and may be asymmetrical. It fades with time.

Bruises are often asymmetrical and also disappear with time.

You will be able to resume your work after 10 to 15 days, it depends on your case and on the recommendations of your plastic surgeon.

The resumption of sport activities should be after a period of up to 2 months, your surgeon will indicate you the period of time.


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Breast lift Turkey : the results

The results of breast lift performed in Turkey are excellent and visible immediately, but they will become appreciated from the 3rd postoperative month.

The patient will thus have firm and feminine breasts which will allow her to improve her self esteem and have a larger choice of clothing especially in summer.

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